Registered Nutritionist (RNutr)

Registered Nutritionist (RNutr) and Registered Associate Nutritionist (RANutr) can practice in a wide range of careers and roles.

Below are some examples:

A RNutr is an experienced Nutritionist who can practice independently, and to supervise a team of RANutr.

Senior Nutritionist in nutrition / health / physical fitness / weight management company – Provide professional consultation on nutrition and health to fulfill clients’ needs on nutrition, sports and nutrition
– Tailor-make nutrition plans for clients
– Monitor clients’ progress
– Supervisory Nutritionist in nutrition center
– To monitor team performance and to ensure professional standard
Senior Nutritionist in body check centre – Provide consultation to clients for health improvement purposes (e.g. high blood glucose, cholesterol, fatty liver etc)
Senior Nutritionist in health product company – Plan, organise and perform nutrition research for product development/improvement projects
Senior Researcher in health supplement company – Conduct scientific researches on food and nutrition
Senior Nutritionist in health supplement company – Analyze customers’ nutritional needs so as to provide professional consultation and recommendation
– Provide professional advice in planning and implementing nutrition and health related campaign

Registered Associate Nutritionist (RANutr)

A RANtur is a junior Nutritionist accumulating experience in nutrition practice. In general, they should practice under the supervision of a RNutr.

Junior Nutritionist of Nutrition Centre / health centre – Give nutrition consultation and health advice from the nutrition perspective
– Give professional advices for clients looking for physical fitness through both sports and nutrition
Junior Nutritionist of health supplement shop – Identify suitable health supplements, and handle enquiry of customers
– Assess clients’ nutritional needs, provide professional consultation and recommendation on using health and fitness products, food supplements, meal replacements and health equipment etc
Nutrition Advisor of Baby/Adult Food Manufacturing Company – Provide advice to manufacturer / customers across a wide range of pregnancy, baby, toddler and food product issues
– Conduct seminars and presentations to medical practitioners and analyse feedbacks
Research Assistant of University / Research Institute – Handle health promotion projects
– Conduct health assessment
Junior Nutritionist of Clinics / Hospital – Conduct health assessment
Nutritionist of catering company – Work side-by-side with chefs to design menus for schools and corporates
– Promote health eating concept